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Although spending almost five years photographing the construction of London's new City Hall, designed by Norman Foster, only a handful of Rafferty's images 'survive' as they were shot on transparency film and the company 'archived' them into some deep inaccessible vault!  Fortunately the images that made up the display for the official opening of the building by HRH Queen Elizabeth II were transferred to digital files and some of those images are presented here, including his classic 'curly cranes' images – a handheld shot with a Hasselblad Biogon whilst dangling from a crane hook in an open steel basket!

GLA construction 1-3.jpg
GLA outer structure.jpg
GLA Glass-2.jpg
GLA Girders.jpg
GLA Spiral Ramp-2.jpg
GLA at night.jpg
GLA Steel WorkerSq.jpg
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