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The ancient monuments across the landscape are often breath-taking, but there are other signs of our forebears, no less significant, on a much smaller scale. Scratched or chiselled into stone and rock are messages, drawings, epitaphs, doodles or sometimes just Kilroy fuit hicof the people who once  passed that way.  Like with so much of the past, archaeological finds are often broken and one is left with a fragmented history.  This led to Andrew displaying the images in a completely different way, putting the images of the etched graffiti back onto stone. Using photo emulsion on stone fragments Andrew has created a unique set of images. These are photographs – stone photographs.  First exhibited in 1996 they were displayed in a museum case, just like precious archeological finds.

Hand of God, Royston-3.jpg
Sheborne 1.jpg
Lancelot Walker.jpg
Dancing Man.jpg
Crucifix 1.jpg
Severus Justus Adjust.jpg
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