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Below are a selection of the many reviews of Andrew's works. In many cases there is a link to the full text. 




Rafferty’s images… are as enigmatic as the circles themselves...

       Norfolk Archaeological Trust 

                Read the full review here


Rafferty’s rich-hued, abstracted photographs...

are almost tactile in the sensory connections they make…

           New Welsh Review

                    Read the full review here

Dramatic, often gorgeous…photographs

           Salzburg Poetry Review


…the images are kinetic with rhythmic waves, blurred branches,

smudged clouds and dancing grasses…impressionistic, atmospheric...

           Book 2.0 most serious art, it is personal...and words and images repay..repetition and closer inspection

           Current Archaeology


...strikingly beautiful...

     The Observer

        Read the full review here

Most of the mega­liths are barely weathered, those at Sten­ness still knife-edged.

Recent efforts to protect Stonehenge and to treat it as a tourisl attraction are deplorable...

How different is the approach to Brodgar!  Andrew Rafferty's photographs empha­sise

the need for every monument to retain its old spaciousness and to stale its old awe.

They also remind the potential traveller that these sites, although sometimes of tombs,

are more about life and the ever­lasting than about death. 

                       Ronald Blythe, The Tablet

Through this beautiful book, with its superbly atmospheric pictures...

the reader can come closer to the living past..

Eastern Daily Press

Andrew Rafferty's superb black and white photographs...

Patrick O'Neill (County Magazines)

Worth it for the photography alone.

NW Evening Mail


...outstanding photographs by Andrew Rafferty

British Book News utterly tranquil exhibition of photographs...

Robert Adams, Hemel Hempstead Express


...the most interesting exhibition....

     these works help one turn from viewer to participant...

        Rowena Loverance, The Friend Magazine

            Read the full review here

... a remarkable exhibition.

     Tom Jeffreys, Spoonfed Magazine

       Read the full review here

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