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Published in 1989 to critical acclaim, Andrew's images from his first major project on the ancient sites of Britain still hold their ground. Timeless images as befits these ancient iconic landmarks. The first exhibition that led to the book offer from Century Hutchinson (as it was then) in 1985.  The exhibition has not been seen in its entirety since 1989, but with a new printed version of the book being planned, (and an iBook too) there will be an opportunity to see these gorgeous images again.

Stones of Stenness-4.jpg
Trevethy Quoit.jpg
Callanish 1-2.jpg
Stonehenge Landscape.jpg
West Kennet-2.jpg
Arbor Low.jpg
Stones of Stenness sunset.jpg
Waylands Smithy.jpeg
Silbury Hill and Tree.jpeg
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